Psyched to be featured on this wonderful podcast by the Women of Substance team!
"Slowly" music video now out!  
 Second Music Video off the new EP for "Shallow Waters" 
7TH MARCH 2020
WITH PRE-ORDERS ON Valentine's Day
FAB Gigs amalgamation
Farewell Summer (for this year :) Latest creation:
Fabulous times at the LIVE EXPRESSIONS Festival: (click pic for pics)
A song for Spring & Easter featuring the latest song written:
Covers Under A Tree-series. Fun times singing favorites underneath different trees...
Getting some positive vibes in Barbados and making some new videos! Watch out x
Working on "My LIVE Sketches" of latest songs and sharing with you all soon!
Check out various sound bites on Soundcloud & subscribe to Youtube Channel pls x
Great Midsummers at ALSO being dubbed "Cool and Beautiful" in review read here
LATEST : Karin performs in the Also Festival 2015 on 20th June:
(click on pic for website)
Buy tickets here:


Download the new single "Silver Lining" here: 
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 'intense & expressive'
at the Scandinavian Soul Festival
 !!7th September 2013 @ The Scandinavian Soul Festival in Denmark
 'Another Lazy Sunday'-video; interview and acoustic performance of 'With You'


Go through to the "Web Store" now to buy album and have it delivered to your door

Delivery options updated x 

"Private Behaviour"


AMAZING PLAYERS ON IT; Andy Mitchell, Richie (Dubversive) Stevens, Valentin Gerlier, Gisli Kristjansson, Orphy Robinson, Jessica Lauren, James Shephard, Charlie Cawood, Chrissy Quayle, NYIKA, Jim Macrae, DEBBIE COPES, Jon Hunt, Eliza Newman, Phil Ryan, Lynne Sharp ........................Big up. Thanks guys xx

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