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Karin Fransson

Singer of moderately mellow,

soulful, jazzy pop-like songs.

Originals. Anything can happen.


Westminster chronicle review

Posted by karinfransson on November 21, 2011 at 8:00 AM

Hey girls and boys! :-)

It's been a hectic November to be fair.. But! The video for "Ordinary Thing" is at its final stages of completion and the event to show it off is being planned fo the 10th December. If you're interested in getting on the limited guest list for this do send an email through : [email protected]

Other fun news is my fabolous label Too Hip Records got me an interview in the local magazine "Westminster Chronicles" and a wee review. The mag is out for a week (til Fri 25th Nov) if you want to pick up a copy in the borough. My favourite bit is : "sultry Swedish -born pop starlet" and "She has a strong, soulful voice - more brainy Winehouse then Amy - and knows how to swing over a track. She can also handle a ballad." - Geoff Cowart.

May post a pic soon.

Doing a gig at Regal Rooms at the Distillers pub in Hammersmith on Wednesday 23rd November.. hope to see ya there.


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