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Karin Fransson

Singer of moderately mellow,

soulful, jazzy pop-like songs.

Originals. Anything can happen.


An interview by the Scandinavian Soul guys..

Posted by karinfransson on October 10, 2012 at 12:00 AM

It's so nice to be played on on Sundays now and again by the charming and humble Mr C!

I am also glad to say the same guys at "Scandinavian Soul" decided to do a little interview with me about a month ago. It's up and you can read it here on their website!

On a separate note I can also indulge in telling you that I had a wonderful time doing a few gigs in Paris the other week and sold a few albums too (!). The pictures from this can be found on my facebook page and also as part of my current design here.. Talented street photographer, Oleg Sotnik, from Ukrain took the shots and you can check him out here

I will certainly try to write ever so slightly more often in this blog....:-)

Next stop: Jonkopingsgalan, Sweden! Playing at the annual event in hometown on the BIG stage. Woop!

xxxx take care

Categories: Press