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Karin Fransson

Singer of moderately mellow,

soulful, jazzy pop-like songs.

Originals. Anything can happen.


"We Play Live"-gig & podcast thoughts

Posted by karinfransson on October 30, 2012 at 2:15 PM

So, Sunday night was really rather fab, I must say!

Although I am not native nor of a, shall we say "time", where I would've known about this great British band (experience) "Loose Ends", it was really a major high light of the evening (!) as the room kinda gasped for air as they took the stage... Subtle, gentle line up of Carl Mcintosh (centre), his gorgeous backing singer (left) and skilled percussive beauty on congas (right).

I LOVE Carl's voice and may have asked if I could marry it...response still to follow. :) Though it was nice just to have be praised by him, tbf.

Taliwa and her band were also really good ..overall great night. Wish you'd been there..? Check it out below ne!

Here are the highlights from the evening (incl. 2 numbers by myself and Nyika on bass "Don't & Effortless..listen to the whole thing!  But FYI; I'm on about 36:20):

Notes: Few mistakes re moi were said; album released 2011 & I've taken part of the "Island Experiments".. xxx

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